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      I was born on July 11, 1958, in East Chicago, Indiana. I was born again in the summer of 1973 by 3 teen-age girls from the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN, and was baptized May 5, 1974 at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN. I surrendered to serve the Lord at the Bill Rice Ranch as a teen-ager. I attended Hyles Anderson College from 1976-1980 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pastoral Theology. I graduated with a Masters of Education Degree in 1981. I attended language school and graduated in 1982.

      I worked for Missionary Tommy Ashcraft in Monterrey, Mexico from June 2, 1982 – December 1987. I was Dean of the Bible Institute and Professor. While in Monterrey, Mexico, I did post-graduate work at the University of Nuevo Leon.

      On July 20, 1987, I married Joy Garlick, daughter of Missionary Roland Garlick. We went on deputation until 1989. The Lord has given us 6 children, and we are in the process of adopting another little girl.

      On May 7, 1989, we started the Independent Baptist Church of Guadalajara, Mexico. I am presently pasturing at the same church. We have seen over 242, 675 souls saved through the soul winning efforts of our church people with 15, 565 being saved in the church services with a total of  4999 baptized. We have an average of 200 in our Sunday Morning Service. We have seen over 70 young people go off to Bible School from our church. We have 2 young people from our church serving on the foreign field as missionaries and another couple that is currently on deputation. We have two young men that have started churches in our city. We have another young man that is starting a Spanish church in the United States.  We have 4 of our young ladies that are pastor’s wives, besides many others that are in full-time Christian service as Christian school teachers.

      We also started the Annabel de Vallejo Home in 1999 and have close to 2 hundred young people that have been saved and trained in the children’s home. We presently have 2 young ladies that grew up in the home helping us take care of other children, with one of them teaching in our Christian School